• Welcome to Your Hull Media Center!
    The Hull Elementary Media Center is a resource for students, providing quality children's literature and electronic media, as well as instructional resources and literature sets for Hull teachers.  The Hull Media Center has become a hub for a growing collection of electronic media including digital video cameras, a dedicated video editing computer, green screen, and professional-quality lighting equipment.
    Library Collage

    It is the media center's goal to provide a welcoming environment for students, staff, and parents. The library is open daily from 8:05 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. 
    Before 8:05 a.m., students must be accompanied by a parent or have a pass from Ms. Harman.  After school, the same procedure applies so that students do not miss bus rides, strand parents in the pick-up lane, or needlessly worry parents by arriving home from school beyond expected time frames. 
    Lessons in the Media Center
    During each visit to the library, students are given grade-appropriate library skills lessons followed by a check-out period.  Use of the Dewey Decimal System; choosing a book at one's independent reading level; using Destiny (our on-line catalog database) to search for specific books and genres; and finding developmentally appropriate electronic resources for research, are examples of topics covered during library instruction. 

    Computer Lab In the computer lab, students are taught developmentally-appropriate skills to ensure a strong background in information and educational technology literacy. Proper keyboarding skills, formatting Word documents, utilizing Microsoft 365 applications, learning to code and using safe techniques to pull accurate and reliable information from internet search engines are just some of the areas students will explore in the computer lab. Hull is also fortunate enough to have a computer on wheels for each grade level. These laptops are used in the classroom to enforce what Mrs. Gerson has been teaching them in the computer lab. 

    Like the library, students are given very specific instruction regarding computer lab behavior.  Respecting and caring for very expensive equipment, maintaining a sense of order and cleanliness, computer lab etiquette and noise levels are regularly reviewed and enforced.  As in the library, students who disregard these protocols, damage equipment, or violate terms of their Internet Use Agreements might have their computer privileges suspended or revoked, depending on the seriousness of the offense.  The computer lab can be a fun and exciting place to learn, but students must observe lab rules and procedures.

    Library BehaviorRead More Talk Less

    All students are expected to behave in a manner consistent with typical library protocol.  Instruction is provided, and revisited often, concerning maintenance of a quiet library environment, proper care of and prevention of damage to books and library materials, and maintaining the order and integrity of library shelves so that library books can be located quickly and easily.  After reasonable corrective actions are taken, students who are unable to conduct themselves in a Hull Hero manner in the media center might have library privileges curtailed or suspended. 


    A+ Book Fairs/Scholastic Book Fairs and Birthday Book Club celebrations are our main source of revenue and resource streams for the media center. Funding author visits, replacing worn-out books (our inventory is going on 15-years-old), acquiring great new titles, and purchasing equipment are at the core of our fund raising efforts.

    As always, the key to success in all of these endeavors is parent and community involvement.  Volunteers are greatly appreciated and welcome.  Whether your pleasure is repairing and shelving books, working a book fair, or coming up with your own unique contribution, we would love to hear from you!  Please email Stefani Harman at harman.stefani@cusd80.com or call 480-883-4501.  Thank you for your support, and for helping your children to love reading!


Last Modified on July 23, 2017