• About Ms. Heidi Raaf...

    Position: 1st grade teacher

    Room: 6

    Phone: (480)883-4536

    Email: Ms. Heidi Raaf

    Ms. Heidi Raaf

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    Welcome to the wonderful world of education!

    My Education and Professional Background

    Hello there! My name is Ms. Heidi Raaf (/r/off). I received my bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education with an emphasis in Early Childhood Development from Northern Arizona University back in 2003. I find such fulfillment in educating our youth, knowing that I’m making a positive impact on their lives. After school hours, I enjoy spending time with my daughter, playing tug-a-war with my black lab Stormie, and weekends on the ball field with my fiance, watching my future stepson pitch.

    My Educational Philosophy

    As an educator, I feel that it is imperative to make a positive impact on each and every child’s life. I strive to equip them with the life skills needed to succeed and problem solve in the real world. I find myself serving as an authoritative yet caring adult whom they can trust and confide in. I truly hope my students find themselves empowered and ready to take on life’s next challenge.