Student Council
    Student Council

    Student Council members from grades 3 through 6 meet on a weekly basis to brainstorm and vote on ideas that help to make San Marcos the great school that it is. Representatives are chosen or elected in their classes based on leadership qualities and strength of character. Officers are elected by the student body at the beginning of the year. All Student Council members represent their classmates at meetings and then take important information back to their classes in an effort to keep all students involved and informed.
    Meetings are held every other Wednesday after school from 2:45-3:30 in room 11. Mrs. Vitton and Mrs. O'Malley are your sponsors.
    All Student Council members are expected to:
    1. Demonstrate leadership ability
    2. Respect peers and adults
      1. Display Character Counts
      2. Maintain acceptable classroom and campus behavior
      3. Receive no detentions
    3. Demonstrate a willingness to assume responsibilities
    4. Maintain good grades (C average or better on all report cards with no Ds or Fs)
    5. Attend ALL Student Council meetings and activities

    Click to: Report a Problem | Student Council Sponsors: Mrs. Vitton and Ms. Norman