• Band Grading Info


    • Student Behavior and Participation is scored using the following scale:
      • E = Excellent
      • S = Satisfactory
      • I = Improving
      • NI = Needs Improvement
    • Everyone starts with an Excellent
    • Behavior scores are lowered due to regular talking/playing during instruction, or refusal to follow classroom procedures.
    • Participation scores are lowered due to regularly not paying attention in class or not bringing required materials (instrument, book, and folder) to class


    • Content grades are scored using the following scale:
      • Meets Standards
      • Progressing
      • Area of Concern
    • Content grades are given based on assessments of student performances on assigned pieces
    • Some assessments are done informally during regular classes
    • Other assessments will be formal, announced quizzes.
      • Students will be required to perform an assigned piece. They will be scored on a 0-5 point system for both rhythmic accuracy and note accuracy. For example: a student playing all rhythms correctly will get 5 points. Students will receive a score sheet after the quiz.
    • Some quizzes will be announced to parents via Remind, but other quizzes will not. This is to help students take responsibility for their practice and preparation.