School Safety

  • Student safety is our number one concern.

    In order to better secure our campus during school hours, perimeter fencing has been installed around the entire school. All visitors to the campus must access the school through the front office.  All visitors are required to check-in, sign-in and wear visitor badges when on campus.
    For your child's safety, no students are not allowed on campus before 8:05am. There is no adult supervision before 8:05am. Students who continually arrive early will be warned, and parents will be contacted to arrange for an alternate plan for drop-off.
    All staff and students routinely review fire drill procedures which are practiced monthly. In the event of a school lock-down, all gates will remain locked with students secured in classrooms. Staff and students review lockdown procedures with a minimum of five lockdown drills exercised yearly.
    Student drop-off and pick-up can be done so through the front drive through. There is no parking in the drive through, and we ask that parents remain with their car. Staff will escort students to your car.  Parents who wish to park and enter the campus to pick up their child are asked to park in the visitor parking in front of the school. Please do not park in the front parking lot and have your child meet you at the car. Please follow all staff directions and use school crosswalks when exiting the campus.