•   Some helpful reminders to ensure a safe and pleasant Hull campus 

    · When on campus, please remember to sign in at the front office.  If you are checking your child out early, you will be asked to show identification.

    · Call the attendance line to report ALL absences (883-4503) at any time of the day.  This will save our attendance clerk a great deal of time.

    · Make after-school arrangements before school and be sure your children know what they are to do after school.  Please send a note to the teacher if your child has a change in the usual procedure.  We will not allow children to leave with anyone other than the people listed on the Emergency Card unless we have a note from the parent.

    · ALWAYS “drop off” and “pick up” your children in the appropriate parking area.  Teachers and older students will be there to assist the children as they enter the vehicles.  We will do everything possible to expedite the process but ask that you be patient as we direct you through the area. 

    · Please NEVER drop off or pick up your child in the bus lane.  This is the bus area and it is against the law to use it for anything other than bus traffic.

    · Phone hours are from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm.  In case of an emergency after
    4:00 pm, please phone 812-7000 for assistance or come to the school office.
    Supervision is provided on the playground at 8:05 am.  Please do not send your child/children to school before that time.


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