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     Specials: 2:10- 2:40
    Specials classes are important. These classes give students the opportunity to grow into a well-rounded individual. This year we will have a 6 Day Rotation Schedule for Specials.
    Your child will end their day at Specials this year.  I will not see them after 2:10. Plsease make sure your child knows where to go at the end of the day to be picked up.
    The specials classes that CTA Humphrey students attend are:
     Music with Mr. Ferguson
    PE with Mr. Jacobs
    Computer Lab  with Mrs. Strong
    Library with Mrs. Groth
     Computer Science with Ms. Golden.
    Day 1  PE
    Day 2  Music
    Day 3  Library
    Day 4  PE
    Day 5  Music
    Day 6  Computers
    In addition to the above specials, your child will get an additional 45-minute Computer Science (Tech) Special on Day 1 from 10:45 - 11:30.
    On PE days, your child needs to wear tennis shoes.
    Please email Mr. Jacobs or send in a note if your child needs to be excused from PE on a specific day. 
    Remember: Your child will be at their Specials Class at the end of every day.



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