• Here are some links we like:


    Early literacy skills for kids


    Leveled, individualized reading books for kids with audio support and quizes.  This is a subscription site, but a lot of the primary grade classrooms are subscribed.  You need your class log-in name and sometimes a picture password.


    This site has all kinds of content across subject areas leveled to meet your child's needs.  This is a subscription site that our school is subscribed to.  Your child should have a username and password.

    Arcademic Skill Builders

    Lots of fun math and reading games.


    Educational games for K-5 students.

    BBC Damcemat Typing

    Fun keyboarding practice

    Create a Graph

    Great, quick tool for making all kinds of charts and graphs.

    National Geographic Kids

    This is a fact-filled site with tons of information, photos and videos.  You need a Chandler Public Library card to access it for free.  Otherwise you can subscribe.


    This site has lots of information about a variety of famous people from history.

    Enchanted Learning

    Search for information on a variety of topics.  Great for elementary-aged kids.


    Prezi is an online presentation tool.  Fifth and Sixth grade students learn how to create Prezis in computer lab class.


    All students K-6 have been introduced to coding using code.org in computer lab class.  They have usernames and passwords along with a class-specific url that they may have brought home on a card.  They can request another one from Mrs. Strong or create their own account for at home. 


    A fun story-writing tool.

    DK Encyclopedia

    Seachable, kid-friendly encyclopedia

    Spelling City

    A site with interactive spelling and vocabulary activities

    More to come!  Email Mrs. Strong if you have suggestions for sites to add.