Humphrey Campus Site Council

    Constitution and By–Laws


    Goal Statement

    A Humphrey Campus Site Council shall be established as a visionary group to address and discuss various topics such as, but not limited to, campus safety, wellness, survey information, and data related to academic achievement. This group shall establish avenues to collect and review information related to these areas as well as others if needed.

    The Humphrey Campus Site Council shall provide stakeholders with the opportunities to participate in achieving the school’s goals, improvements and outcomes. It is a collegial decision-making body wherein all members share equally in the management of its business and actions. As such, all decisions made by the Humphrey Campus Site Council are collaborative in nature.



    The name of the site council shall be Humphrey Campus Site Council.


    II-Mission Statement

    The purpose of the Humphrey Campus Site Council is to support and facilitate the goal of igniting the passion for excellence in all staff, students, family and community. This group is designed to represent the entire Humphrey Campus community. It is a vehicle by which school staff, administrators, students, parent representatives, and community leaders may maximize the school’s potential, develop partnerships and promote lifelong learning in every student for success.


    III- Goals

    1. Discuss and make recommendations regarding campus safety and initiatives.
    2. Answer any questions regarding the campus Journey 2025 plan.
    3. Discuss and make recommendations regarding campus wellness and initiatives.
    4. Design and review parent/ family survey questions and responses.
    5. Conduct an annual review and approval of tax credit expenditures.



    The principal shall serve as chairman of the Humphrey Campus Site Council for the first year after which the chairperson will be elected from the membership. If the principal is unable to attend a site council meeting, he/she will designate one of the members to chair the meeting on his/her behalf.

    The Humphrey Campus Site Council shall not consist of more than 10 voting members. The membership shall include parents/ guardians of Humphrey Campus students, teachers serving the school, at least one non-certified employee of the school, at least one member of student government, and the school principal.


    V-Selection of Members

    Humphrey Campus Site Council members shall be nominated before the first quarter meeting, and selected during the first quarter meeting. A person can nominate themselves or be nominated by another person.


    VI-Terms of Membership

    All site council members shall enjoy the full rights and obligations of membership. Each site council member shall be entitled to one vote. Members shall serve a one-year term. A member who has served a one-year term can serve a second consecutive term. If the council is unable to fill a membership vacancy, a member may be asked to continue to serve consecutively.

    All members of the Humphrey Campus Site Council are asked to participate in all meetings in a positive and constructive manner. If a member is seen as not adhering to these moral standards or missing three meetings in a row, he/she may be asked to resign. Any vacancy on the Humphrey Site Council shall be filled for the remainder of the unexpired term.



    Chairperson: The chairperson, in cooperation with the school principal or designee, shall insure an agenda is prepared for each council meeting. He/she shall preside at all meetings of the council and in addition, he/she will perform all duties pursuant to the office of chairperson and such other duties as are determined by the council.

    Recording Secretary: The recording secretary shall take the minutes of the meetings, both regular and special, and shall provide these minutes to each of the members prior to the next meeting.


    • The Humphrey Campus Site Council shall hold a minimum of four regular meetings, once per quarter, while school is in regular session.
    • The principal or his/ her designee must be in attendance at all meetings.
    • Dates and times of meetings shall be determined at the first quarter meeting for a full year.
    • Meetings will be held in a facility provided by Humphrey Campus.