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Position: 5th and 6th Grade Math
Room: 4
Phone: 480-812-6834
Email: Barbisan

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Welcome to 5th or 6th grade math!

My Education and Professional Background

My Educational Philosophy

Classroom Environment: In my classroom, students will feel a positive energy. The classroom will be a safe place for students to express themselves in their own way. I will show an enthusiastic approach to all subjects. The classroom will hold a socially just and culturally responsive approach. I will show colorful, fun, creative activities from the students and from myself. Student Goals: In my class, students will obtain knowledge meant for their grade level. It is important for me to incorporate all types of learning patters and teaching techniques. I will implement many hands on learning activities as well as active learning skills.. My concepts will be student driven to tap into the students knowledge of that particular subject. I will make lesson plans that students can relate too. Students will be learning but having fun doing it.Personal Growth As a teacher it is important for me to grow with each year behind my belt. I

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