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    Spalding - The Writing Road to Reading
     The Spalding Method of instruction is a total language arts approach to instruction that integrates listening, speaking, spelling, writing and reading. The Spalding mission is to develop skilled readers, critical listeners, accomplished speakers, spellers and writers who are lifelong learners. The Chandler Traditional Academy - Humphrey Campus has adopted the Spalding Method as it's school-wide language arts program and our staff has received training to effectively utilize the program for instruction.
     The Spalding Method contains essential elements for instruction. The first is spelling. Spelling teaches students how to read and how language works. During spelling, students learn to read and write. Students learn the 70 symbols that represent the 45 common English speech sounds. These are known as phonograms. Students practice these phonograms by seeing, hearing, writing and reading them. Additionally, students keep spelling notebooks that serve as a reference and include rules and the framework to develop concepts. Writing the Ayers Word List in the spelling notebooks develops their basic vocabulary.
     Another essential element of the Spalding Method is written instruction. Students will learn how to write different types of sentences, applying knowledge of the use of capitalization, punctuation and grammar. Next, students will learn how to apply the different sentence structures to paragraph writing. This includes learning how to construct narrative and informative paragraphs. Writing serves to reinforce word meanings, apply knowledge of English rules, and enhance critical thinking skills.
     Next, there is comprehension. Students need to be able to understand that they have read or written. This is accomplished by reading quality literature. Students will learn that authors write for different reasons and passages are organized differently by analyzing what was read. These readings will be informative, narrative or both. Analyzing will help students make connections to previous knowledge, make predictions, and mentally summarize main ideas. Comprehension is essential for students to enjoy a love of reading.
     Students can and will reach high standards for achievement when staff goals and expectations are high and when effective programs of instructions are closely adhered to and supported. The Spalding Method with its specific objectives and comprehensive, clearly defined, totally integrated instruction offers the necessary structure for your child to reach the highest levels of success!
    NOTE: Please find more information about the Spalding program at: www.Spalding.org
    NOTE: Please find more information about the Spalding program at: www.Spalding.org
    Sounds & Letter Formations:  http://www.phonogrampage.com/

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