• Reading and Writing
    Common Core Standards will guide instruction throughout the year.  Students will use the Journeys Anthology and other exemplary texts to support the learning goals.  These reading standards will be taught through 6 integrated units which focus on Science and Social Studies Objectives.
    Each day Spalding will guide our grammar skills with the support of Journeys Grammar. The students will learn about parts of speech: nouns, verbs, adjectives, and personal pronouns.  Learning will also include capitalization and punctuation rules including the correct usage of commas and quotation marks.  We will also study abbreviations, contractions, prefixes and suffixes.
    The students will progress through the year using the Journeys Writing program to compliment our Write from the Beginning writing program. The writing process will progress from the construction of compound and complex sentences to building cohesive paragraphs on a single, narrowed topic.  The students will write friendly letters, narratives, and informative paragraphs. The students will work on writing narrative texts with clear characters, setting, and sequence of events and expository texts such as labels, lists, and journals. Also, the students will learn to write research papers on a topic of instruction.  In addition to paragraphs, we will also learn to write friendly letters and thank-you notes as well as formulating written responses to literature texts. Poetry writing will be explored this year.

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