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  • At Robert J.C. Rice, families have the option of having students in one of two very unique programs.

    "Classic", is just what you think, classic education. The way it is taught in most Chandler schools. Students are challenged to learn all their district, state, and federal standards, in a fun, safe environment, by our highly experienced staff.

    CTA, is another CUSD program, also named Chandler Traditional Academy. In CTA, students will be taught in a more "Traditional" format. Classroom seating is arranged in rows, facing a teacher with much more teacher-directed learning.


    Here at Rice, CTA is coupled on the same campus with the "Classic" model, allowing parents the choices (CTA or Classic) they need to help each individual child reach their fullest potential.

    Two Choices, One School...

    CTA Classrooms

    Room Setup:

    Desks face the front of the room


    Math: My Math Program

    Note: Taught one grade level ahead


    ELA: Spalding and Into Reading


    Program Instruction:

    Primarily whole group

    instruction, coupled with small group or individual student articulation as appropriate



    Homework Policy: (M-TH)

    CTA programming includes

    additional homework

    requirements over and

    above district requirements

    (see Classic guidelines)

    Classic Classrooms

    Room Setup: Varies by teacher



    Math:  My Math Program



    ELA: Spalding and Into Reading



    Program Instruction:

    Whole group and small

    group instruction with

    flexible grouping in order to provide for each student’s individual needs



    Homework Policy (M-TH)

    o Kinder 10-15 min.



    Similar Areas

    School Dress Code – No Uniform policy

    Arizona College & Career Readiness Standards

    School wide Discipline policy

    Specials – PE, Music, Media/Library

    English Language Development Instruction (ELD)

    Response to Intervention support services (MTSS)

    PTO/Site Council participation

    Report Card Format

    Thinking Maps

    Science & Social Studies

    Character Counts

    DIBELS Assessments (K-3)

    Special Education Services

    Grade Level Recess & Lunch

    School-wide assemblies

    Art Masterpiece

    Grade Level Field Trips

    Science Fair participation

    Before & after school clubs