• Math Curriculum

    Chandler Traditional Academies (CTA) utilize a well-articulated curriculum that challenges students to learn increasingly more sophisticated mathematical concepts as they progress through their studies.
    Our math program is designed to break down complex concepts into related increments because smaller pieces of information are easier to teach and learn. Math practice and instruction is systematic and deliberate with practice and assessment across each grade level. In grades 1-6, students use materials one grade ahead of the regular level. In Kindergarten, students review and assess the baseline level skills through the 1st Quarter and then embark on a full first grade curriculum in the 2nd Quarter.


    Saxon Math (Kindergarten)Saxon Math Logo

    Kindergarten uses Saxon Math to teach, review, and extend the students’ understanding of math concepts and to teach and strengthen arithmetic skills and fact knowledge. Saxon Math is structured to help students become more successful at math through structured, focused lessons. Each lesson has built in fact practice, a review of the prior lesson, a review of earlier skills that need to be maintained, teaching of new material, guided practice on the new skill, and a homework assignment to practice new skills and maintain old ones.
    An important part of the CTA program is helping students to meet math fact mastery goals. Being able to perform math facts efficiently and accurately is an integral component of a successful math program and is supported by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM). 
    Kindergarten students also use manipulatives or tools to help them learn and develop math concepts. Classrooms are equipped with age-appropriate materials, such as teddy bear counters, protractors, clocks, scales and balances, yard and meter sticks, pattern blocks, etc.

    My Math (Grades 1-4)McGraw-Hill My Math Logo

    McGraw-Hill My Math is the program adopted for math instruction in grades 1-4 to align with the Arizona College and Career Readiness Standards. My Math utilizes rigor, student engagement, and personalization to develop students’ understanding of math concepts. Specifically, My Math utilizes three components of rigor for math instruction: conceptual understanding, procedural skill and fluency, and application. Mathematical practices are taught in every lesson. Students use a wide-range of resources to interact with math in a meaningful way.
    Parents and students can access My Math materials on the Student Portal. These materials include additional practice, the digital student book, virtual manipulatives, personal tutors, lesson animations with modeled examples and eHelp.

    Glencoe Math (Grades 5-6)Glencoe Math Textbooks

    Students in grades 5-6 work with the Glencoe Math text to assist in developing full and rich math abilities as a preparation for junior high math. 5th graders use the 6th grade edition and 6th graders use the 7th grade edition of Glencoe Math. Glencoe Math supports higher-order thinking skills, real-world applications of math, problem solving, and a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts. Glencoe engages every student to help them develop necessary critical thinking skills. 
    The goal of Glencoe Math is to make math relevant and rigorous, so all students can achieve math proficiency. Glencoe Math is structured to help students grasp an entire concept and understand each step of it before moving on to the next one. Students are challenged with numerous practice problems and problems with real-world application. Each lesson includes higher-order thinking problems and spiral review.

    Parents and students can access Glencoe Math materials on the Student Portal. These materials include additional practice, the digital student book, virtual manipulatives, personal tutors, lesson animations with modeled examples and eHelp.


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