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Position: 2nd Grade
Room: 13
Phone: 480-812-6943
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Welcome to Second Grade! Next to being a wife and a mother, I love teaching the most. My most memorable teachers were those that expected me to do my best, helped me to become better, and had fun doing it. This is what I hope to pass onto your children. With your help at home, I know we will all have a fantastic year of learning and getting to know one another.

My Education and Professional Background

While living in CA, I earned my BA in English from Cal Poly Pomona. I earned my teaching certificate and MA in Curriculum and Instruction from ASU. I had dreams of becoming a high school English teacher when I was younger; but after having my own children, I realized that my heart was in elementary education. I still have an affinity for writing, as my students soon find out! Every student deserves to learn about their own individual potential and then be guided to reach towards it. I teach to share my enthusiasm for learning and build confidence within each student. Each day I strive to aid students in becoming respectful of others and responsible for their own actions while teaching them to become problem solvers and bold thinkers.

My Educational Philosophy


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