• About Mr. McPhail...

    Position: Choir Teacher

    Team/Department: Specials

    Room: GYM Building - Room 103

    Phone: (480) 883-4696

    Email: Mr. McPhail

    Mr. McPhail

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    Come sing with the choirs and express yourself in a whole new way. From Blues to Broadway, and Lullabies to Love songs, singing with others teaches you how to feel all your emotions when words by themselves just aren’t enough.

    My Education and Professional Background

    I began my Music Education career in central Pennsylvania after receiving a Music Education degree from the University of Georgia and a Masters Degree from Pennsylvania State University. Before coming to Chandler, I also worked as a Museum Curator in museums in Georgia and Alabama. However, when my family and I first came to Arizona in the middle of hot summer day, I knew I had arrived in the right place because I love the heat!

    My Educational Philosophy

    If animals in nature can sing beautifully, then certainly you can too. Becoming a better singer means first learning how to trust that the audience will listen – starting with yourself. Then you can be taught how to change thoughts, words, actions, and feelings into beautiful and powerful melodies and harmonies. Music is all around us, and when we sing while others listen, we are connected.