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    Office Staff
    Dominica Peterson- Administrative Assistant  
    Elaine Kristal- Attendance Technician
    Toni Lucas- Office Assistant 
    Michelle Cooper- Office Assistant
    Ivette Santos- Health Assistant
    Custodial Staff
    Oscar Chargualaf
    Benjamin Dulay
    Adam Lewis


    Mary Cooper- Media Specialist
    Toni Lucas- Media Clerk
    Special Education and Counseling
    Vanessa Pepoon - Counselor
    D'Nell Rynd- Counseling Clerk
    Emily Chow - Psychologist 
    Noon Aides
    Ling Robinson
    Debra Churan
    Debra Maddox
    Lisa McBurney
    Yumi Campbell
    Alison Gile



Last Modified on July 17, 2019