• Afternoon Dismissal

    Click on the link above for a map of our afternoon dismissal and parent pick-up spots.


    🔘Look for your child's grade level on the map. This is where your child will be standing when you come through the line. If you have more than one child, the older children should go with the youngest.
    🔘Having your name placards in the window of your car is so helpful in getting your child to you faster. Make sure the writing is dark and large so it can be read from a distance
    🔘Please don't use the handicap spots as your "drop off quickly" spot. We have several families that require those for themselves and/or their children.
    🔘With that, if you are parking please use the crosswalks. There is a lot of traffic and using the crosswalks not only helps with safety but also helps us control the flow of traffic.
    🔘Please be patient. The first few days are the hardest and patience is appreciated by everyone.
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  • Morning Drop off Map

    Click on the link above for a  map of the morning drop off at Santan Elementary.

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