• Art Masterpiece


    Art Masterpiece is a national art program created to enrich an elementary student's education by teaching them about famous artists, their lives and artistic styles, and art principles in general.

     The students engage in six hands-on activities throughout the school year using the techniques/styles of the artist being studied. The result is a true "art masterpiece" created by your child!

    The program is organized and facilitated completely by parent volunteers.  WE NEED YOU!!

    Without Art Masterpiece, our children would have minimal exposure to the rich history of the art world!

    You do not need any art experience or an art background to be a great volunteer "art guide." Every lesson and project is outlined -- and all of the artist research has already been done. It is a truly wonderful way for you to be involved with your child's classroom.

    Most importantly, the students LOVE Art Masterpiece and can't wait to see you!

    Consider becoming a part of our Art Masterpiece team. If you would like any further information, feel free to contact the school coordinator at Santan.Art.Masterpiece@gmail.com

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