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    Accelerated Reader is a supplemental program at Rice. Accelerated Reader (or "AR") is designed to motivate students to read independently by assessing their reading ability on a regular basis, suggesting appropriate books using reading levels, and giving students points based on books they have read. AR is a way to motivate children to read for practice so that they get better at reading and understanding. Personal goals are developed with the children with consideration to their reading rate and reading level. Students take a STAR assessment that helps to identify their ZPD--Zone of Proximal Development. This means the range of reading at which it appears they are most successful on their own.  AR is not at the student's instructional level, which is typically higher, but rather their independent level, where they can read and understand without teaching or coaching. 
    It is important to note that the goal in AR is to achieve and maintain an average of 85% or better on quizzes. Averaging 85-- 90% indicates that the student understands the key points of the book, and it motivates the student to read more. Research has shown that 30-minutes of daily reading practice and an average of 90% and higher on AR quizzes produces the most significant gains in reading achievement.
    Accelerated Reader, a self-paced computerized program for checking comprehension, is also available once children are able to read on their own at approximately the end of first grade level.


    Book Level – This refers to the difficulty of the text in the book and is created by a readability formula. This does not relate to the grade level the student is in. (e.g., adults read daily at a book level of 4.0-6.0) This does not take into account the maturity of “content” in a book.

    Success at any reading level also depends on the interests of the student and prior knowledge of the content of the book. Most books read by intermediate students will be in the book level range of 4.0 – 7.0, with varying lengths.

    Points – Students earn points based on the length of the book, actual word count and difficulty of the book. If a student gets 8 out of 10 questions correct on a 5 point book, they will receive 4 points.

    Interest Level – This is set by the book publishers as to what ages of students they think will be interested in reading the book.

    • LG – Lower Grade (Kindergarten – Third Grade)
    • MG – Middle Grade (Fourth Grade – Eighth Grade
    • UG – Upper Grade (9th Grade – Twelfth Grade)


    AR Links:

    Click here to view the AR Bookfinder, which finds the approximate reading level for a specific book.
    Click here to visit the AR/Renaissance Home Connect website, to view students' comprehension levels and progress towards meeting an AR goal.

    For a deeper explanation of the program, click here to view the Parent Guide to AR.

    Additional information regarding our curriculum is available in the overview page