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    HMH Into Reading is designed to enhance literacy skills and foster a love for reading among students in kindergarten through grade 5. This curriculum covers a wide range of reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. It includes both fiction and non-fiction texts, providing students to various genres and text types.

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    “My Perspectives” is the ELA program developed by Savvas Learning Company used in 6th grade to foster reading writing, listening and speaking skills while also promoting critical thinking and analytical abilities. It incorporates a wide range of literary genres, including classic and contemporary fiction, poetry, drama, and non-fiction text. It aims to expose students to diverse perspectives and engaging literature.





    Spalding Education is an approach to teaching phonics and language arts that was developed by Romaldo Bishop Spalding. It is designed to provide students with a solid foundation in phonics, spelling, and handwriting, enabling them to become proficient readers, writers, and communicators. The method emphasizes explicit and systematic instruction to help students understand the structure and patterns of the English Language.


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    Thinking Maps is a visual learning and teaching tool developed by Dr. David Hyerle. The program provides a set of eight specific graphic organizers, known as “Thinking Maps” that are designed to help students organize their thoughts, make connections, and improve their understanding of various concepts and subjects. These maps serve as visual frameworks that support critical thinking and encourage students to engage in meaningful learning. 



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