• Campus Safety


    The safety of our students is one of our greatest concerns. At CTA Goodman Elementary the safety of our students at drop off and pick up are very important to us. Please review our below procedures to help our students stay safe during these busy times.

    Drop Off Area: East Parking Area

    The east parking and drop off area provides a specific area designed to facilitate the dropping off and picking up of our children.
    Please review the follow procedures:
    • Parents please, pull all the way forward when dropping off your child/ren and waiting to pick up your child/ren. *Pull up to Drop Off Number #1
    • Please do not leave your car. If you would like us to call for your child/ren again please ask the "Safety Patrol" on duty.
    • If you would like to walk up to the gate to pick up your child/ren, please park in a parking spot. Do not double park behind a car that is parked in a parking spot.
    • If you are meeting your child/ren at the East Gate for pick up, please cross safely when all cars have stopped. Please do not try to cross when cars are moving up in the pick up line.
    • We are suggesting that all parents try to cross in front of the main gate where there is an assigned duty person.
    Please Wait for Traffic to Stop
    Cross Safely
    Please Park and Walk up to Gate


    W Calle Del Norte

    Please avoid parking in the No Parking Zone. Remember unloading is prohibited too!
     No Parking Sign No Parking Traffic Cones

    N Coronado Street

    Please make sure you are parking in the correct direction.

    Drop Off West Parking Lot

    • Please remember to pull forward.
    • Have Child/Children Exit car door closest to the curb.
    • If you park in the parking lot, please walk your child/ren on to campus.
    We would like to thank you for your attention to these safety procedures. The safety of our children is everyone's responsibility and only by working together can we ensure that our children travel to and from school as safely as possible.


    We love to have visitors and volunteers! When you come to visit or volunteer at CTA Goodman, you will sign in at the front office, leave your car keys with the front office staff, and receive a visitor badge to wear during your time on our campus. When you leave our campus, you will exchange your visitor badge for your car keys. In the event of a fire drill or lock down all visitors on our campus can be accounted for and safe.

    Campus Evacuations

    In the unlikely event of a school evacuation or lockdown, we will contact parents via email or phone to give information on the situation. We will report where and when to pick up your student when it is safe to do so. Please do not come to the school as this will add to the confusion that an emergency situation intrinsically causes and may block emergency vehicles from reaching our building.