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Position: 6th Grade Social Studies and Reading Teacher
Room: 22
Phone: (480)812-7452
Email: Bisceglia

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Welcome to 6th Grade Social Studies and Reading. This year we will be focusing on Ancient Cultures and using non-fiction reading skills to learn about the past. We will be diving in and learning about Ancient Cultures and discovering how these cultures helped share our world today.

My Education and Professional Background

My Educational Philosophy

I believe that all students are unique and need to be treated like individuals. They all have something special to bring to the classroom and I will work with them to help them let their individuality shine. I have high expectations for my students and work with them to help them reach those expectations. I encourage question and then help give the students the tools to seek the answers on their own. As a teacher, part of my job is to prepare my students to become well rounded adults who positively contribute to their communities. My goal is to help my students see their potential and set goals to reach it.

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