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    Position: 6th Grade ELA

    Room: M3

    Phone: 480-812-7463

    Email: Mr. Keenan Actkins

    Mr. Keenan Actkins

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    "Love is seeking the best good, of the object of my concern, by doing what needs to be do in a spirit of self-sacrifice; even when I don't feel like it." Dr. A Louis Patterson Jr.

    Good day,
    I feel that every person should approach life based on a set of principles. The quote by Dr. Patterson is a part of the principles that I attempt to incorporate in every area of my life. I am enthusiastic about the opportunity to work with your children this year! It is my goal to "seek the best good," for them in their educational journey.

    My Education and Professional Background

    I am a Lope for life!  I attended Grand Canyon University for all my degrees. After receiving my undergrad, I went back to attain a Master's in Education.  I also hold a Master's in Reading.  I have been in education well over a decade and this is my second year teaching at Shumway.  

    My Educational Philosophy

    In the classroom, my goal is to meet the required standards necessary, while also trying to make things as interesting as possible for the students. My vision for the students is that they enjoy being in the classroom. My hope is that they learn to appreciate being pushed to their potential.

    The Choice is Yours! Why Choose Shumway Leadership Academy?

    Shumway is a place where the students are the stars. The environment is set up to teach students to be the best version of themselves.