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Position: Specialized Classroom
Room: 19
Phone: 480-812-6400
Email: Mimiaga

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Hello! My name is Paulina Mimiaga and I will be your child's teacher! I cant wait to get to know each and every student. We will learn from each other and grow to our fullest potential. It will be a year full of learning, new adventures, and memories!

My Education and Professional Background

graduated with a Bachelors degree in Special and Elementary Education at Arizona State University.

My Educational Philosophy

I believe that every student is capable of learning and growing. I see the value in allowing students the opportunity to see mistakes and imperfections as part of the process in growing. There are various types of learners and keeping every student excited and engaged about learning is essential. Creating an environment that students feel a part of, safe, welcomed, and supported involves students in their own learning. I can't wait to see what all my kiddos teach me and grow alongside them.

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