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Position: Physical Education K-6
Room: Gym/30
Phone: 480-812-6450
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Welcome to Frye Elementary Physical Education. I am looking forward to another fun and exciting year in the fitness world. My goal as a physical education teacher, is to teach students how to live a healthy and active lifestyle.

My Education and Professional Background

I earned my bachelor's degree in Exercise Science from Iowa State University in 2002. I have taught physical education at both the elementary and secondary levels, as well as coached a variety of sports.

My Educational Philosophy

Over many years of teaching physical education, I have discovered that teaching young minds and bodies is not always an easy task. Each day can be filled with many challenges and responsibilities. However, teaching physical education is full of excitement, joy, and smiles. I believe all students can learn and as a teacher it is my job to motivate all learners and challenge them to reach their full potential. My hope is that my love and passion for leading a healthy lifestyle will leave a lasting impression on all of my students.

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