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    Position: 3rd grade teacher

    Phone: 480-812-6464

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    Dr. Jennifer (Jeni) Huber

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    I am thrilled and excited to be teaching this year! It is both a joy and privilege to care for each student each day and to love my job so much! I taught elementary school for over thirty years; however, the last ten years I worked at the Arizona Department of Education, and at Northern Arizona University and Arizona State University, preparing teachers for the classroom. I have two daughters and lots of pets and we are very blessed! I worked at Disneyland and love all things Disney, anything to do with animals, ice skating, Dodgers, and Diet Coke!

    My Education and Professional Background

    I love to learn!  And I have been privileged to learn from a lot of opportunities. I have a Bachelor's degree in elementary education with an emphasis in English Language Arts and life sciences.  I have a master's degree in special education. And, I have a doctorate (PhD) in curriculum and instruction and inclusive education.  In addition, I earned National Board Certification in 2001 which was a welcome growth opportunity.  I also have certification in second language acquisition and the science of reading.  I have taught 1st through 5th grade in general education and also K-12th grade in special education.  I have taught in schools in Los Angeles, CA and in South Carolina and Arizona.  

    Though I am grateful for all of the opportunities, I am most grateful for all that I continue to learn everyday from my students, families, and colleagues!

    My Educational Philosophy

    I believe that we all learn from each other, from our community, from our families and teachers and friends everyday. And, we learn the most when we reflect on what happens, what it means, and how our choices impact the consequences. I believe we learn from our mistakes and our successes. And I believe that learning is best when it is fun and engaging and connects our true identities. So, I try to create rich experiences in which students can interact, and I prioritize students and what they need and what their strengths are so that all are actively engaged in their own learning.

    Most importantly, I truly believe that ALL students are important, all students are valuable, and all students make a difference to those around them.