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Position: Third Grade
Room: 21
Phone: 480-821-6751
Email: Trick

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Hello third grade families! It is an honor to be a part of Hartford Sylvia Encinas Elementary team. 3rd grade will be an exciting and adventurous year and I'm excited to get to know my students as well as their families.

My Education and Professional Background

I was lucky enough to complete my student teaching at Hartford Sylvia Encinas. I later graduated from Northern Arizona University where I received my Bachelor’s degree in elementary education. I loved Hartford so much, I didn’t want to leave! During my time in the classroom, I was able to complete a Master’s degree from Grand Canyon University in Educational Leadership and Administration.

My Educational Philosophy

As a committed teacher, my goal is to create life longer learners. I believe that all children and learn with the right tools. My job is to allow students to be their unique, authentic selves while providing them with tools they need to be the most successful not only in the classroom but beyond it. It is my desire as an educator to make sure students are reaching their full potential and achieve greatness.

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