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    Am I ready? Is my child ready for Kindergarten?
    Kindergarten Readiness
    Kindergarten is where most children learn to read and write. Though some kids can do this before entering kindergarten, it is not required or expected. Being ready for kindergarten means having well-developed preschool skills, and being academically, socially, and physically ready for the transition. Here are some signs that your child is ready for kindergarten:
    * Can retell a simple story
    *Speaks in complete sentences of 5-6 words
    * Writes name or recognizes letters in name
    *Recognizes the numbers  1-20 
    *Can count objects to 20 
    *knows the names of basic shapes 
    * Feels comfortable in a group
    * Asks for help when needed
    * Knows personal information (name, age, gender)
    *Can wait her turn
    *Has outgrown "temper tantrums" 
    • Exhibits fine motor skills (holds pencil, traces shapes, buttons shirt, etc.)
    • Exhibits motor coordination (rides a bike with training wheels, hops, skips)
    • Manages bathroom needs alone
    Is my child ready?
    Most children start kindergarten at age 5. In CUSD, your child must turn 5 by September 1st of the current school year.  CUSD also offers Early Entrance Assessment  if you believe that your child might be ready.  Consider your child’s academic skills, but also his or her temperament. Remember that if your child is on the older or younger end of the class, this has an impact not only on kindergarten, but also on middle school, high school, driving, and college. If he is the youngest in his class now, he will be then, too!
    When in doubt
    • Discuss your concerns with your child’s preschool teacher.
    • Discuss your concerns with the future principal and kindergarten teacher
    • Tour the school and hear about the program
    • Trust your instincts! You know your child best. Listen to others, think about your child, and then go with your gut

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