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    Position: Math Specialist

    Room: 25

    Phone: 4808834055

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    Mrs. Jill Rumsey

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    Welcome to Bologna. If you are on my page then you are either wondering what a math specialist is or you have a student (maybe you are the student) in my class. I am a math specialist because I believe math is so very important in our lives. Even if you never again use a complicated equation that you learned in algebra, math was beneficial to you.
    Here are 4 reasons why math is important:
    1. Math is good for your brain. Your brain grows new cells when you learn something new.
    2. Math helps you with life skills.
    3. Math increases your problem solving skills.
    4. Math will help you in any career.

    Some students can jump to abstract thinking with no problems, while others need to see it first and then they can understand the abstract concept. I am here to help the students that need extra help to get their math brain growing. I believe in understanding how math works before just memorizing and doing. In the process, I hope to help your student not only get better at math, but to also learn to love math.

    My Education and Professional Background


    Master of Arts in Elementary Education ~ Northern Arizona State University

    Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education ~ Arizona State University

    Began the Math Cadre with Melinda Romero ~ CUSD 1993-1996

    AMP trained – 3years ~ 2013-2016

    Reading endorsement and SEI endorsement and Math Certified for middle schools.

    Math Specialist at Willis Junior High – 5 years

    My Educational Philosophy

    My educational philosophy is based upon the concept that we as educators, regardless of subject specialization, are teachers of life. Life is full of challenges, and we should learn from those challenges. Learning is a life-long process. Our most important duty is to prepare our students to develop the necessary skills that will lead them to a productive and successful adulthood. I constantly challenge my students to reach new heights and to continually challenge themselves. As their teacher, I will display strong values and maintain high expectations in order to have a strong impact on my students. I try to cultivate an innate curiosity and love of learning in the students. I want them to discover a passion for learning. By creating an encouraging, orderly classroom environment, involving discussions and group work, I will encourage students to become successful learners and problem solvers.

    The Choice is Yours! Why Choose Bologna Elementary?

    Bologna is special because it promotes a strong sense of community and inclusion. The staff are always willing to go the extra mile to help each student reach their full potential. Our students and parents are encouraged to get involved in a range of activities. Go Scorpions!!!