When Rudy G. Bologna opened years ago, a Parent Leadership Team/Site Council was formed.
    The parents who were the original members of this organization developed a "shared leadership" model to reflect the philosophy of the school community. This model has been renamed and turned into a Parent Teacher Organization. It still holds the same values and vision just renamed.  

    The membership of the PTO team is self-selecting, meaning that there are no elections and anyone with interest can become part of the organization. Because we use a shared leadership model, members of the parent team are asked to assume leadership in an area of school operations that is of interest.

    The team meets monthly on the second Tuesday. Our meetings are 60 minutes in length. Agenda items are developed prior to the meeting, with open agenda items as agreed to by the team. The team works in the areas of fund-raising, school community issues, school events and support of school operations.

    The parent team has been responsible for many physical plant additions, including covered play areas. They have used their funds to support extra curricular activities for students, purchase equipment for the staff and provide school wide events to bring the community to the school.

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