• Parent Volunteer/Involvement Opportunities
    Parent Volunteer
    Please discuss at-school volunteer opportunities with your child's teacher, or with Mrs. Neely, School Liaison (neely.georgina@cusd80.com). We welcome all parents. Opportunities are endless!
    Here are just a few:
    • Classroom helper
    • Tutor or read to children
    • Help with website
    • Field trip volunteer
    • PTO
    • Speak to children about your career
    • After-school helper
    • Volunteer in Library
    • Office Volunteer
    • Help with special events sponsored by our Parent Leadership Team
     Parental involvement is critical to the academic success of our children. This fact has been proven over and over again throughout decades of research.  The type of parent involvement depends on each family and what they're able to contribute . The most important thing is to remember that there are ALL types of parent involvement.  Consider these:
    1.  Provide a consistent time and a quiet place for studying; 
    2. Encourage reading activities - listen to your child read and talk about what is being read;
    3. Encourage your child's progress in school- discuss the value of a good education and relate this to career opportunities;
    4. Stay in touch with your child's teacher- attend parent-teacher conferences and come prepared with questions/concerns you might have;
    5. Make sure your child understands your expectations for achievement. Be realistic, but challenge your child;
    6. Make certain that your student is at school every day - ensure they are not late for class.

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