• Field Trip Policy


    Per the Chandler Unified School District Student Handbook:


    “Field trips are an extension of concepts taught in the classroom. They are encouraged and supported. Only children exhibiting responsible behaviors may go on field trips. Parents are often asked to serve as chaperones and supervisors for various field trips and their assistance is truly appreciated. The district guidelines state that there should be at least one adult for every ten students. The purpose of a parent volunteer on a field trip is to actively supervise students assigned to them, so no younger children are allowed. Sometimes parents who are NOT selected as chaperones wish to participate in the field trip experience with their child and travel to the field trip site independently. We respectfully request that parents NOT selected as chaperones refrain from attending and make separate arrangements to attend with their child at another time.”



    Classroom Teachers:

    Classroom teachers will select parent chaperones through a random drawing. Parents will be notified if they are selected for the field trip and will be given specific information regarding their role in the supervision process, as well as any pertinent information about the students assigned to them.