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    Position: Resource

    Room: A12

    Phone: 480-224-3542

    Email: Ms. Tiffiny Scott

    Ms. Tiffiny Scott

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    Welcome to the resource room!

    My Education and Professional Background

    I graduated from Arizona State University with a Master’s in Education – Cross Categorical, Special Education and Elementary Education. I graduated from Walden University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Child development.

    My Educational Philosophy

    I believe education is one of the most important tools a person can have in life. Every child deserves to receive the best education possible, regardless of the obstacles that stand in their way. Learning in the least restrictive environment, gaining necessary life skills and learning how to relate and communicate with people from different walks of life is imperative to the success of any student. It has always been my passion to help each child discover their individual gift and talents and to reach their full potential. All children carry special gifts inside of them. I believe that anyone working with a special needs child has the responsibility to identify those gifts since they often go unnoticed. People often focus on the deficiencies of special needs children, but I feel more attention should be focused on their gifts. As a special education teacher and advocate, my job is to recognize and celebrate the differences that make each individual special.