Studies Weekly Integrates with Google Classroom


     We will be using the Google Classroom and Google Meets platforms for virtual learning. Click the links below for tutorials on how to log in.


    *Google Classroom: Log in each day for announcements, assignments, pre-recorded lessons, and live meetings on Google Meets from your teachers. 

    *Google Meets: A Google Meets link will be available for scheduled live meetings and will be generated within Google Classroom. You will click on that link located on the 'Stream' banner to join your scheduled meeting.

    *Please note: You must click on the link during your scheduled meeting time and not earlier so as not to interupt another meeting already in progress.


    TechnoKids and Google Classroom | TechnoKids Blog Click here for directions to log in to Google Classroom 



        Google Hangouts Gets An Alter Ego With The Launch Of GSuite's Meet ... Click here for a Google Meets for live lessons tutorial, this link will be used for live lessons