Fulton Elementary Tax Credit Information

                              Make your tax credit donation online by clicking here 
    Your donations will get processed right away. You don't have to wait to receive your tax credit receipt. It is e-mailed to you within seconds of making your donation. With our online system, you can use a credit card, debit card or e-check. We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover Card. This is a very secure website

    We encourage families to learn more about making a tax credit donation. Tax Credit Arizona law ARS 43-1089.01 enables taxpayers a tax credit contribution of up to $400.00 per calendar year if filing status is Married, filing Joint Return; $200.00 per calendar year if filing status is Single or Head of Household; and, $200.00 per calendar year if filing status is Married filing separate return — for contributions that fund extracurricular activities in public schools. We can accept as little as $10. Neighbors, family members, friends and all others who pay taxes to the state of Arizona may also donate to Fulton Elementary and receive the credit. A tax credit is a refund; not a deduction.

    Contributions eligible for a tax credit are donated directly to specific schools, not to the state or the school district.

    For your convenience, donation forms are available in the front office. You may bring a check made payable to Fulton Elementary to our school office and then fill out the form. You may also make a contribution online. If you make your contribution online, please remember to select our amazing school - Fulton Elementary.  Tax Credit donations provide so many wonderful extra opportunities for our Fulton students. Please help our school continue to provide fun and educational activities this year. We thank you for your continued support of our school.