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    At Fulton Elementary we are driven to demonstrate personal excellence. We ignite the desire to achieve. By encouraging each other to excel, we contribute positively to our learning community where everyone can achieve their academic and personal goals.


    The curriculum in the Chandler Unified School District and at Fulton Elementary is aligned to the Arizona State Standards. Performance objectives are identified for each strand and concept and progress is monitored quarterly. In addition to language arts and math objectives, science and social studies are regular parts of the curriculum. Students receive physical education, general music, and library and technology classes on a routine basis.
    Fulton has incorporated the Thinking Maps® Language for Learning into all grade levels and across all content areas.  The experts in brain-based research and learning agree on two aspects of brain theory:  the brain is a pattern seeker and the brain is very visual.  Thinking Maps, which are visual patterns for thinking, are therefore well-designed for teaching and learning. Because each map is a visualization of one of the eight thinking process, teachers can take advantage of a strategy that matches the natural learning tendency of the brain. The importance of the maps as concrete pictures of abstract concepts is linked to our ability to learn visually.  Students from kindergarten to sixth grade use the same visual patterns, thus providing familiar patterns for thinking and working with complex ideas and situations.   Thinking Maps

    We also have an acceleration program that is for student’s kindergarten through sixth grade. The program is designed to meet the learning styles and needs of students with exceptional intellectual, academic, and creative abilities. Students are identified and placed into the program based on the criteria established by the Fulton Accelerated Team. The students placed in the accelerated program will learn content at a grade level above in ELA and Math. However, Science and Social Studies will be at the current grade level.

    Art instruction is delivered by volunteer staff through the Art Masterpiece Program.
    Junior Achievement is a supplemental economics program used to enhance student understanding of the social and economic structure of the world in which they live.
    Fifth and Sixth grade students can choose to take band, orchestra or general music.
    Students in grades K-4 attend general music class.
    Use these links to reference the standards and objectives:
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