• Helpful Tips and Resources:2
    Goodbye to Homework Hassle!!
    How to Do Homework Without Throwing Up by: Trevor Romain. A humorous and useful book for kids to help develop excellent homework skills.

    Managing Stress:

    The Confident Learner by: Marjorie Simic, Melinda McClain and Michael Shermis is an excellent guide for parents to help their child develop a positive attitude, build self-discipline, and learn to manage stress.

    Managing Time:

    The World in One Day by: Russell Ash describes the amazing things that happen in a typical day's time, such as the earth's geological changes, the production of the world's goods and what people do on their days off.

    Getting Organized:

    Get Organized Without Losing It by: Janet Fox describes tips, lists, and strategies for staying on top of clutter and getting work done.