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Position: 2nd Grade
Room: E3
Phone: 480-883-4142
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Welcome! My name is Kristina Polillo and I am greatly blessed to be a teacher at Jacobson, a wife, and mother of 2 amazing children, William and Sophia. Life is a gift and my family and I take every chance we can to live it to the fullest.

My Education and Professional Background

I previously taught 3rd grade for 10 years, but have just loved teaching 2nd grade so I can help students prepare for what I know is ahead of them. I received a Bachelors in Elementary Education from the University of Portland in May 2001. I also earned my Masters in Curriculum and Instruction from NAU in the Spring of 2007.

My Educational Philosophy

Through the positive impact and amazing spirit of my own teachers I developed a tremendous passion for teaching as a child and knew I could help other children love learning as well. Organization, high behavioral and academic expectations, and a caring environment are important components to the classroom. I believe teachers and parents make an incredible team in a child's educational success. Children teach us more than we know and with that it gives us an opportunity to learn how to meet their unique needs.

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