Battle of the Books


    What is Battle of the Books?


    How did it begin?

    In the 1930’s Battle of the Books was a Chicago radio program. Today it is a reading incentive program in elementary, middle and high schools across the country. All of the questions in the competition begin with the words “In which book” and the correct answer is always the title and author of the book. This program works at the individual school level as well as at the interscholastic and district wide levels. Classroom teachers, reading specialists and library media specialists spend many hours choosing books and writing questions for each year’s battles. We are a team of library media specialists with many years experience in running district wide battles. We have chosen the books and written the questions for you.

    How are the books selected?

    Books are carefully selected so that classics, award winners and new favorites are all considered. Books are selected over a range of reading levels so that all students can participate. For example: in the grades 5 and 6 list there is at least one book on the fourth grade level to appeal to reluctant readers and one on the seventh grade level to challenge those students reading above grade level. Care is taken to ensure that the collection is balanced with respect to male and female protagonists, the genres represented, and the ethnic groups portrayed. They also look for books in series or authors with a large body of work to encourage students to read after the competition.

    How does this work?

    Battle of the Books (BOB) is a district wide program for 5th and 6th grades that runs all four quarters of the school year. The program begins with the introduction of the books to the students, where students will be given a schedule of the battle/competition dates. 

    Once the books and the competition have been introduced to the students they form teams of three readers. Each team has a captain who is responsible for seeing that each member of the team reads his or her assigned books. It is important for each team member to read all twelve books. Excellent teams have been formed by students who have each taken the responsibility to be an expert on all their books.

    As the students read the books they write questions in the format of the competition. (Each question should begin “In which book…” and the answer should be the title and author.) These student generated questions are used for them to practice for the competition. The battles take place the week after each quarterly school break (fall break, winter break, and spring break).  The fourth quarter battle/competition is only for the top scoring team from Jacobson. 

     Facts about Battle of the Books

    1. Participates must be in either 5th or 6th
    2. There is a $25 fee to participate. Participants will pay through tax credit in Infinite Campus.
    3. There are three battles (where questions about the books they read are asked). Four pre-selected books are required to be read by each team member. There is a total of 12 books for the entire year (please see list below). 
    4. There is a final battle at the end of the year where finalists will participate.
    5. Team size is limited to three students per group.
    6. Once the first competition has begun, team members MAY NOT be changed. The only exception is if a team member has left the school.  In this case, the group may find another team mate that isn’t currently apart of Battle of the Books.
    7. Practices will be help to prepare for each battle/competition (please see schedule below).
    8. Location of practice will depend on who your child’s coach is, and you will be notified via hardcopy and email before your first practice, which will be the week of August 7th.
    9. For further information, you may visit the Media Center tab on the Jacobson school website. You will also have your child’s coach’s information after they are assigned.


    What Are the Battle Dates?

    • Battle #1: October 31, 2017 @ Jacobson Media Center, Time 3:00pm
    • Battle #2: January 12, 2018 @ Jacobson Media Center, Time 3:00pm
    • Battle #3: March 28, 2018 @ Jacobson Media Center, Time  3:00pm
    • Semi-Finals: April 18, 2018 @ TBD
    • Finals: April 25, 2018 @ TBD
    • Reginals : TBD 5pm-9pm

    What is included with my tax credit?

    • Each student will have access to all 12 books.  There will be no need to get a book from the store or public library. These books do belong to the Jacobson Library and will be used by all battle members on a checkout schedule.
    • A Battle of the Books t-shirt, that needs to be worn at every battle.


    2017-2018 Reading List


    Battle I

    Battle II

    Battle III

    Lightning Thief By: Rick Riordan

    Bunnicula By: Deborah Howe

    Tale of Despereaux By: Kate DiCamillo

    Number the Stars By: Lois Lowry

    Wonder By: R.J. Palacio

    Maniac Magee By: Jerry Spinelli

    Frindle By: Andrew Clements

    Watsons Go To Birmingham By: Christopher P. Curtis

    Sarah Plain and Tall By: Patricia Maclachlan

    Among the Hidden By: Margaret Haddix

    Everything on a Waffle By: Polly Horvath

    View From Saturday By: E.L. Konigsburg



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