Box Tops Committee:


    The members of this committee are in charge of the organization and collection of box tops school-wide.  The committee schedules collection dates, promotes participation and maintains records of classroom participation.

     The committee then coordinates the mailing of the box tops according to policy to collect funds for our school.

     To join the Box Tops Committee or for questions contact:
    Ema Ho at emmyjam@cox.net
    or the 
    PTO at ctafreedompto@yahoo.com 

    CLICK HERE for our
    Please remember:

    *       Put bonus box tops in an envelope or baggie.  Please DO NOT glue to sheet.

    *       Please submit your box tops with student name and teacher name. 

    *       Helpful tip– Put box tops in grid form on paper (i.e. 5 straight across, 5 straight down) This makes it much easier for us to check and count them.

    *       Please glue or tape (NO STAPLES) box tops to a sheet of paper. 

    *       When gluing/taping them to paper, please do not overlap them.  Make sure that each box top is fully visible.

    *       You don’t have to cut them out perfectly, but the excess should not exceed the size of the actual box top.

     too big        good

    *       Please don’t forget to check the expiration dates.  We cannot submit box tops with the date cut off or that are already expired.

    *       Please put all box tops in the same position (not upside downs) on the paper.  We have to check the date on every box top and this will make this task much easier.