• Accelerated Reader Information

     Book Levels
    AR Reading Zones
    Pink/red dots - they are pink dot books that read like the harder red dot books. They help to transition the student to the pink dot books.
    View student AR quizzes taken and progress towards goals. HomeConnect shortcut - Home Connect shortcut for smart phones and tablets.
    Home Connect Issues:
    1.  You CANNOT google HomeConnect.  It is site specific. Click here, 
    2.  Password:
    The HomeConnect password is different from last year and different from their current Computer/AR login!
    Current HomeConnect Password:
    user: s__________ (student ID)
    password: s_________! (Note the exclamation point at end of student ID.)
    3. Locked Out - If a student gets locked out, it will resolve overnight.  (i.e. They are all cleared some time during the night.)
    Use to search to see if an AR Quiz has been created for a book. *AR Quizzes are created for many books published. We do not have books in the library for all AR Quizzes created!
    AR BookFind.com shortcut - Directions for shortcut for smart phone or tablet. 
    Access our Follett Destiny library catalog online @  http://destiny.cusd80.com
    Click on the CTA Freedom link, then click on the CATALOG tab to see what books we have in our library!
    Use to see the order of books in a series. 
     Why read 20 minutes a day?

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