I know this is a stressful time. As of now the following guidelines are what we should follow. Please check your emails for updates. 

    March 18, 2020

    Dear Chandler Unified Parents and Guardians,

    During the school closure, it is our desire to provide the students of Chandler Unified School District the opportunity to continue their educational experience through enrichment resources. Below are links to resources categorized by content area and grade level for at-home enrichment in learning. Please use the list as options from which to explore and select activities of interest.

    Please use Google Chrome as your browser to access the provided links.  These links are also available online at: www.cusd80.com/Enrichment 

    We are currently developing options for those that do not have access to technology. More information regarding our distribution process for hard-copy instructional resources will soon be provided to our Chandler Unified families. Thank you for your partnership as we continue to focus on the safety and health of our community.

    Comprehensive Content

    • ACT Academy
      Grades: K-12
      Description: Comprehensive Content - Individualized practice
    • Albert
      Grades: 7-12
      Description: Comprehensive Content - Individualized practice

    • Be Active Handouts
      Grades: K-6
      Description: Comprehensive Content - Activities with household items

    • Education.com
      Grades: PreK-5
      Description: Comprehensive Content - Worksheets and printable practice

    • Khan Academy
      Grades: K-12
      Description: Comprehensive Content - Individualized practice

    • Mensa for Kids
      Grades: K-6
      Description: Comprehensive Content - Activities for the gifted learner

    • Playful Learning
      Grades: K-8
      Description: Comprehensive Content - Playful lesson resources

    Foreign Language

    • Duolingo
      Grades: K-12
      Description: Foreign Language - Learn 25 different languages

    Language Arts

    • Funbrain
      Grades: PreK-8
      Description: Language Arts - Educational books and games

    • Starfall
      Grades: PreK-3
      Description: Language Arts - Phonics support


    • Mathscore
      Grades: K-8
      Description: Math - Computational knowledge practice

    Physical Education

    • Go Noodle
      Grades: PreK-6
      Description: Physical Education - Movement activities


    • Mystery Science
      Grades: K-5
      Description: Science - Science visuals and activities


    • code.org
      Grades: K-8
      Description: Technology - Coding coaching and application
    • Scratch
      Grades: K-8
      Description: Technology - Coding coaching and application