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Position: Special Education
Room: 3
Phone: 480-224-2623
Email: Hohn

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I am so excited for the start of another school year. With each year comes exciting new possibilities! A little about me… I live in Gilbert with my husband and two kids. Both of my children attend Chandler Schools. In our free time we love to swim and soak up the sun as a family.

My Education and Professional Background

I started my teaching career in 2003 teaching 6th , 7th , & 8th grade math and science. I have also taught special education in all grades and subjects Kinder through Sixth. I've been fortunate to spend much of my career teaching in Chandler. I absolutely love working for Chandler Schools and really appreciate the emphasis they place on our children! I started out college at Baylor University, then found out that I prefer a dry climate and finished my Bachelor's degree at NAU. My bachelor's degr

My Educational Philosophy

I believe that ALL students can learn. It's our job as educators to provide children the opportunities to learn. This can only be accomplished by working together as a team; involving the school staff, the child, and the parents/care givers to meet the learning needs of each individual child.

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