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    A new simple fundraiser that we are starting to participate in this year is the Fry's Cool Ca$h program.  Fry's is the nearest grocery store to CTA Freedom and many of our families shop there on a regular basis.  For each purchase, we will be eligible for cash rewards/rebates based on the total sales for our school.
    How to participate:
    1. Go to: Cool Cash
    2. Log on to your Fry's card (or register your card if you haven't done that yet)
    3. Click the tab at the top for "Community" then click "Community Rewards"
    4. Scroll down to the first "Enroll Now" yellow rectangle.  This will take you to a screen that says FIND YOUR ORGANIZATION.
    5. Search for Chandler Traditional Academy Freedom.
    *** Please note that if you search for CTA it will not recognize it***
    6. Click the bubble to select our school and then click "Enroll".  Your card is now connected!
    cool cash  
    For more information on this program visit:

    For questions about this program at CTA Freedom, contact:

    PTO Email