• Hartford Sylvia Encinas Elementary is a proud to offer our students Thinking Maps and Write From the Beginning.
    Through the use Thinking Maps, students are better able to create visual patterns that represent their thinking.  There are 8 maps that the students can use individually or in combinations to represent their learning.
    They are:
    Map                     Type of Thinking
    Circle Map                 Define
    Bubble Map           Describe
    Tree Map                 Classify or Sort
    Double Bubble        Compare and Contrast
    Flow Map                  Sequence 
    Multi-Flow Map      Cause and Effect 
    Bridge Map              Analogies and Relationships
    Brace Map               Part to Whole 
    Write From the Beginning
     Students at HSE will also be applying Thinking Maps through the use of Write From the Beginning. This assists students in writing focused and organized pieces of writing.  Write from the Beginning provides teachers with a clear way to differentiate instruction along with having clear expectations for each grade level.