• There are so many amazing music websites to explore!  Here are a few to try:
    *Classics for Kids:  I like the music composer program.  
    *Incredibox: Drag the sound effects onto the musicians to create compositions.  Record your composition! 
    *MTV Music Arcade:  This is an addictive game!  Use the machines to create rhythm patterns, but watch out for the boss!  http://www.mtv.com/games/arcade/game/play.jhtml?arcadeGameId=10040159 
    *Jam Studio: This is a great website to write a song from scratch.  Select your chords, style of music, instruments, etc.  You get a free 10-minute trial, and you can pay if you'd like to play for longer.
    *Whack-a-Note: This is good practice for identifying letter names quickly.