Welcome to Preschool!

       "Oh the places you'll go, there is fun to be done!"
                                                                                          -Dr Seuss 
              We believe that children learn through experience and discovery. Our goal is to prepare children to enter kindergarten with a healthy self-concept and a positive attitude toward school and learning. This is accomplished by offering age appropriate curriculum designed to develop social, emotional, physical and cognitive abilities in our students. Since every child is unique, our preschools are designed to allow children to initiate activities that grow from personal interest and intentions. Through exploration our preschool students interact with materials, people, ideas and events. Our preschool teachers encourage active learning by providing resources, planning experiences and creating an inviting environment in which all children can learn. 

          Our curriculum is aligned to the Arizona Early Learning Standards, which were developed preschool curriculum for all children 4-5 years of age. These standards serve as a guide in providing a quality program that is developmentally appropriate for each child. 

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