• Homework Procedures
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    For printables and tools regarding Phonograms and Spelling click here.
    For printables and tools regarding Math click here.

    Homework consists of 4 assignments per night:
    Assignment #1 Oral Phonogram Review
    Assignment #2 Spelling practice
    Assignment #3 Math practice pages
    Assignment #4 Daily reading
    Homework Procedures:
    Your child will be assigned homework Monday through Thursday each week and it is due daily. The homework folder will contain nightly assignments and our "Homework Train," which outlines each assignment. Homework will always be review work and will correlate with the grade level objectives. Homework is graded on completeness and effort rather than 100% accuracy.

    Grading Scale
    5 pts = turned in on time and complete
    3 pts = late but complete
    0 pts = not turned in / turned in too late*

    *All students shall be provided one day for each absent day to make up missed assignments.
    Your job is to monitor the comprehension of the homework. Accuracy along with neatness are prime indicators of excellent and acceptable homework. If your child does not complete the assignment(s) to his/her best ability, please do not accept this work because we will not. We will ask your child to redo the assignment. High expectations at home will reinforce the same standards at school.
    Please fill out the following portion of the "Homework Train:"
    - have your child write his/her name on each page
    - minutes read (we suggest 10-15 minutes of reading)
    - parent signature
    If you would like to communicate with me about homework, please use the parent comment area on the "Homework Train." I will also send home communication using the teacher comment area.