• In Chandler Unified School District, we are for all students all the time and we strive to foster learning environments that are inclusive of every person. This effort includes providing students opportunities to see themselves and others in the books they read. Students self-select books when they check materials out from our libraries. Additionally, per CUSD Board policy, the following standards are used in the selection of library books, materials, and electronic media:


    • Materials and media that widen the boundaries of the students’ thinking, that enrich their lives and help them fulfill their recreational and emotional needs.

    • Materials and media that have imaginative appeal and a style that is interesting.

    • Materials and media that stimulate the imagination, provide for mental growth, develop a taste for good writing, and draw attention to the beautiful and artistic.

    • Search the School Library Collection

      Use the search box to search title, author or topic

      Search results can be filtered by relevance, Call Number, A-Z Title, Z-A Title, Author, Most Recent, Published date, format, availability, format, subject, genre, reading program, Lexile, Interest Level, Reading Level, Series and language.

    • View Library Check Out History

      Students and parents can review library check out history by logging into Destiny Discover and selecting the History button on  the My Stuff section.

      Students can log into Destiny Discover by logging into  Clever and selecting the Destiny Discover app tile.

  • CUSD offers parents the opportunity to submit a Library Limitation Request to limit check out for their child.


    Dear Parents: This letter is to inform you that we will be purchasing new books/materials for our library on ___3/28/24__________________. State law mandates that schools notify parents of the opening and closing public review period within seven (7) school days prior to the opening date. Therefore, this notice dated ___3/4/24__________________ provides the opening date of the public review period for newly purchased library books/materials as ____3/28/24__________________ and the closing date as _____________5/2/24_______. (A.R.S. 15-721/15-722)


    Queridos Padres: Esta carta sirve para informarles que estaremos comprando libros y materiales nuevos para nuestra biblioteca el ________3/28/24_____________. La ley estatal exige que las escuelas notifiquen a los padres sobre las fechas de apertura y cierre para el período de revisión pública dentro de siete (7) días escolares antes de la fecha de apertura. Por lo tanto, este aviso, con fecha de _____3/4/24________________ proporciona la fecha de apertura del período de revisión pública para libros y materiales de la biblioteca recién comprados de ____________3/28/24__________ y la fecha de cierre de ___5/2/24__________________. (A.R.S. 15-721/15-722